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David Warlick posted in his 2c worth blog an interesting graph mapping Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy against Daggett’s Application model. Essentially this is mapping the activity you undertake against the context itsundertaken in to give an idea of the best learning outcomes.

I though this was an interesting and useful tool, but a couple of things did not fit nicely. I struggled with the repitition of Applying and Knowledge in both axis. Also some of the terminology does not fit with easy use in school.

Daggett’s statements about Knowledge in the discipline or apply in discipline do not match easily with school. School’s don’t use the term Discipline we have units & topics, subjects & courses. I have adapted the model slightly to better match what most of us do in the classroom. Here is the original progression:

  1. Knowledge in the discipline
  2. Apply in discipline
  3. Applying across discipline
  4. Applying to real world predictable situations
  5. Applying to real world unpredictable situations

To make it more applicable to schools I have changed the language used and how the progressions are structure moving from within a topic or unit to cross curricula appraoches and then to real world situation. This maintains the progression from within to across curricula. The adaptation (with examples) looks like this

  1. Application of content/process etc within a unit of work or teaching topic. eg microbe in year 9 science
  2. Application of content/process etc across a subject or course. eg Year 9 science
  3. Application of content/process etc across subjects. eg a cross curricula unit incorperating science, technology and english classes.
  4. Application of content/process to real world predictable situations.
  5. Application of content/process to real world unpredictable situations.

Activity Mapping Tool

As always I would appreciate your thoughts and feedback. Thanks David for sharing the original idea, its excellent.

I will post a larger PDF version on the wiki when I have finished updating, had some comments and Lee has walked his genius creative fingers across the design aspects of the tools.

What do you think?