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20-Point Checklist for Practicing Effective Lesson Planning

Introducing 20 Ways to Plan the Awesome

Modern learning environments revolve around teaching students to solve authentic problems they could potentially face as citizens of the world. Once you have developed a unit for this purpose, you've got to step back and find out how appropriate it is. 

To help with this, we created a special 20-point unit checklist for practicing effective lesson planning. Use it as a rubric to debrief the lessons you build on the Solution Fluency Activity Planner and get an in-depth analysis of them.

It’s presented as a checklist with a simple 4-point rubric attached to each of the 20 questions for self-grading. Once you've gone through it you can edit, revise and improve your lesson as you see fit.

Use this 20-point checklist for:

  • Revising and improving your lesson plans
  • Exciting and challenging your learners
  • Practicing planning for maximum engagement
  • Incorporating the Essential Fluencies in teaching
  • Focusing on relevant real-world problems
  • Making learning awesome for your students

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