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5 Steps to Asking Good Questions

Ask and You Shall Receive.

Getting good answers means asking good questions, and here's how.

Asking good questions is a cornerstone of learning and living. So much of our success in life depends on asking the right questions. But how do we actually do it?

In education, the benefits of asking good questions is immeasurable. It's simple if you have a process, like the one we give you in this poster entitled 5 Steps to Asking Good Questions.

This colourful and informative poster is printable as an 11x17 file, and is also perfect as a shareable infographic.

It features 5 categories for developing good questions, with exploratory points for each one. You and your students will love it!

Use this 5-step graphical guide to:

  • Form good questions
  • Communicate and listen better
  • Analyze and improve other questions
  • Build critical thinking skills
  • Improve research outcomes
  • Foster independent thinking

Download the poster

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