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9 Common Student Mind Viruses (and How to Cure Them)

Help Your Students Upload Some New Beliefs.

A visual tool for eradicating "mind viruses" once and for all.

A mind virus is like a piece of software we download into our brains, and bad software or viruses can corrupt our entire system in the form of negative thinking. It’s possible, however, to upload new software that serves us better. We’ve created an infographic poster to help you do that—we call it 9 Common Mind Viruses.

 It features some of the most common negative thoughts students can have, and how you can help get past them. These are all about fostering student inspiration in the toughest of times. This is the medicine to fight the mind virus off once and for all.

Use “the medicine” prescribed to get students to look at the statement from a different angle and help them turn it around into something positive.

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