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10 Things to Consider Before Starting With BYOD

Learn the key elements for a successful BYOD program.

Get your technology and learning goals perfectly aligned.

Bring Your Own Device first caught on in the corporate world, and now over 80% of businesses are on board. Although BYOD in education is common, how it's implemented and managed is all over the map. 

That's why we created this helpful resource called 10 Things to Consider Before Starting With BYOD.

It's a guidebook specifically designed to help you avoid pitfalls by covering 10 of the most crucial things to know and consider before adopting your own BYOD school program.

This resource will help you to:

  • Understand the implications of BYOD
  • Anticipate its biggest challenges
  • Develop a sustainable BYOD plan
  • Save you time and money

Download the BYOD book

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