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The Critical Thinking Skills Cheatsheet

The Ultimate Cheatsheet for Critical Thinking Skills.

Critical thinking skills truly matter in learning. Why? Because they are life skills we use every day of our lives. Consciously developing critical thinking skills takes thought-provoking discussion, and the best questions to get it going. Begin right here with the Critical Thinking Skills Cheatsheet.

The Critical Thinking Skills Cheatsheet includes categories for Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How. Each section has eight questions that begin with their corresponding word. The questions are meant to be versatile and broad, and applicable to a range of topics.

These questions are great potential conversation starters and fillers. Let them inspire your students to come up with their own questions for critical thinking skill building. It's an 11x17 PDF that you can use as is or print larger to suit your needs.

Use the Critical Thinking Skills Cheatsheet to:

  • Build strong critical thinking habits
  • Develop lifelong learning mindsets
  • Engage students in discussion and collaboration
  • Shift responsibility for learning to students
  • Encourage curiosity and creative thought
  • Make learning a rewarding journey

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