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Fluency Posters

Five Powerful Fluencies. One Neat Little Package.

Handy posters that provide the perfect quick reference tool.

If you've been looking for a fast way to understand fluency skills, we've got just the thing. Pick up the Fluency Posters, a shareable reference tool for exploring the Fluencies and Global Digital Citizenship.

This resource presents the essentials of each Fluency in a set of mini-posters perfect for spot references and sharing with students and colleagues. You get a mini-poster for each of the Fluencies, and one for Global Digital Citizenship. Use them anytime you need a "Fluency refresher."

These cool posters will help you:

  • Learn the skills developed within each Fluency
  • Understand the tenets of Global Digital Citizenship
  • Share the Fluencies with students and colleagues
  • Boost your Fluency mojo

Download the Posters

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