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STEM Learning Ideas Guide

Full STEM Ahead!

Enjoy these 12 fun projects for teaching STEM subjects.

STEM learning can be an absolute blast with challenging and rewarding projects to give to your learners that let them hone their STEM skills for the world beyond school. To get you started, check out this STEM Learning Projects Guide for K–12 Learners.

Inside are 12 awesome projects for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to choose from with selections for primary, middle, and senior grades.

What if a scenario you like isn’t for your specific grade? No problem—these lesson ideas are customizable and scalable for any grade level. They’re also cross-curricular in nature, and can be adapted to other subject areas.

This book will help you:

  • Cultivate problem-solving skills
  • Connect STEM to the world 
  • Foster creativity
  • Enhance collaboration
  • Make STEM learning a blast

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